Google Translate Sees Two Major Updates

Google Translate Sees Two Major Updates

Google Translate is getting a big update with a new feature that will make it more effective and useful and an update to an existing feature.

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The service mainly worked in translating printed text from one language to the next. The service was especially effective if the text was from a website and could be copied and pasted into the translation text box. In the case of Google Chrome, the browser simply translated automatically.

The two big updates come in the form of Word Lens, a new feature which allows users to pick the language conversion, take a picture of real world text—whether from a sign, poster, book or even computer screen—and highlight the text to be translated. The text is then translated over the existing image. 

Google Translate’s other update sees the real time conversation being more accurate, faster, and now has fewer steps to go through to translate. Now all that is needed is for the conversion to be selected and a speaker being picked up by the microphone. Normally the feature was only available on the Android version of the app, but now it’s available on iOS.

The app will be available on iOS in the coming days, but users on Android devices can install it now.

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