Google and Uber Looking At Self-Driving Cars In Ride-Sharing

Google and Uber Looking At Self-Driving Cars In Ride-Sharing

Autonomous vehicles’ future in ride-sharing is a very alluring frontier that several companies are rushing towards.

Earlier today Google announced that it was refocusing its autonomous vehicle efforts through its company Waymo and there are rumblings that the partnership with Fiat Chrystler could mean Google is entering the ride-sharing game. It’s not known how Waymo picking up the self-driving car work affects Google and its patent for self-driving delivery vehicles.

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Meanwhile Uber is gearing up for a second self-driving test run with several cars hitting San Francisco roads. The first of these test runs is a somewhat contained one in Pittsburgh. According to CNET—which got pictures of the cars to be used—Uber’s self-driving technology will be on the road in the form of Ford and Volvo cars.

At the moment Uber hasn’t picked up the permit that would allow it to run tests of its autonomous vehicles on California streets, but expect that to change.

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