June 30th Marks The End For Google Wallet Card

June 30th Marks The End For Google Wallet Card

Google’s Wallet Card will lose support at the end of June. If you remember, Google launched the prepaid MasterCard debit card in late 2013 and basically just allowed for you to pay for stuff and use ATMs with a physical card with funds from your Wallet. It was a pretty useful concept prior to mobile payments really taking off.

What does a company say when a service or feature is being ended? If you guessed anything close to “focusing on making it easier” to use the service, you would be correct. That was what Google told Wallet Card owners in an email.

The Google Wallet FAQ’s section on Wallet Card says:

On June 30, 2016, we’re retiring the Google Wallet Card. You can continue to use your card until then, but the ability to add money to your Wallet Balance from a debit card or bank account will end May 1, 2016. Only money you receive from others will be added to your Wallet Balance. If you have money in your balance already, you can keep it there, send it to others, or cash out anytime.

In short you have roughly two months to keep using the card and a month to put money in your Wallet account via a debit card or banking account. Things point towards Google moving to making Android Pay the go to payment/commerce app in the Google ecosystem and Wallet simply being phased out since Android Pay handles the heavy lifting of mobile payments.

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