Hacker Group Rex Mundi Holding Dominos Customer Data Hostage

Hacker Group Rex Mundi Holding Dominos Customer Data Hostage

A hacker group known as Rex Mundi managed to hit the database of international pizza chain Domino’s Pizza. The attack targeted Belgian and French accounts and resulted in a haul of 650,000 customers. Rex Mundi has issued a ransom of over $40,000 with a deadline of 8PM CET. If Domino’s fails to pay, the group stated that they would release the data on the internet.

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Rex Mundi is also known for having attacked Belgium-based AlfaNet and holding information for $20,000 earlier in the year.

In explaining the data haul, Rex Mundi said that accounts, passwords, and personal information—such as addresses, favorite pizzas, email, and credit card info—are included. The attack was also mentioned by the group on Twitter. Rex Mundi told French and Belgian customers to direct lawsuits to Domino’s if the company refused to pay the ransom.

To show that they were legit about having hit Domino’s, they released personal information on three of the customers. The French branch of Domino’s has contacted customers to assure them that Rex Mundi hasn’t compromised the financial information proper. On Twitter, they told customers to change their passwords as the group would likely be able to crack them.

You can check out the taunt Rex Mundi first posted on the site dpaste.de below.

Dear friends and foes,

Earlier this week, we hacked our way into the servers of Domino’s Pizza France and Belgium, who happen to share the same vulnerable database. And boy, did we find some juicy stuff in there! We downloaded over 592,000 customer records (including passwords) from French customers and over 58,000 records from Belgian ones. That’s over six hundred thousand records, which include the customers’ full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and delivery instructions. (Oh, and their favorite pizza topping as well, because why not).

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