Hackers Holding iPhones For Ransom Via “Find My iPhone”

Hackers Holding iPhones For Ransom Via "Find My iPhone"

Last week it was revealed that hackers have been taking control of iPhones via iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage and computing service. CNN technology contributor Brett Larson explained how the hackers managed to get access to owners’ iPhone and what they’re doing with that access.

The “Find My iPhone” feature allows users to locate their phone on a map, send a kind of distress call for the finder to return it, and remotely lock the phone. According to Larson hackers are locking phones and demanding payment through PayPal.

The weakness that allows hackers to exploit cloud lies with the users says Larson. “We all hate our passwords, so we make them really simple, which makes them easy to hack.” Larson suggests not giving hackers any money as it gives them PayPal information, going to get your iPhone unlocked at an Apple store, storing your data locally on your computer, and changing your password.

Sure the last piece of advice is a no-brainer in incidents of hacking and security, but it’s the foundation of all of this. Make use your password is something you can remember and hard for hackers to pick up. Long passwords can be a pain, but in some cases they’re important. Also make sure to store it or write it down where you can access it if needed. This not only applies for your iPhone, but browsers (which will save passwords) and any online service you frequent.

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