Have Netflix and Comcast Struck A Deal To Solve Performance Dilemma

Have Netflix and Comcast Struck A Deal To Solve Performance Dilemma

According to Ars Technica Netflix’s quality has been taking a dip with several ISPs for some time due to concerns over who has to cover the traffic from users. Comcast was one of those at odds with Netflix and one of those at the bottom of the performance list out of 17 ISPs.

Sources have told Ars Technica and Gigaom that Netflix and Comcast have come to an agreement which will see Netflix traffic handled by Comcast. The result will see Comcast users’ performance increase with Netflix.

The specifics of the supposed deal are uncertain with Gigaom addressing it as a possible “peering agreement” where the two companies exchange data without any extra fees. The important thing in the whole agreement is that Comcast customers and Netflix users will see no interruptions or dip in speed and quality.

This just marks one victory in the Netflix-ISPs/cable company war which is sure to continue as Netflix becomes more and more popular and cable providers are further threatened by the all purpose, no commercial appeal of Netflix.

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