HopeLab’s Video Game Helps Cancer Patients

HopeLabs Video Game Helps Cancer Patients

Re-Mission 2 is a video game—or a compilation of minigames—designed with the purpose of helping teen and young adult patients understand the cancer fighting process and the benefits of the treatment. The game—which is on iOS—was put out by HopeLab and made Re-Mission 2 after the success of the first. Apparently the game boosted positive outlooks and motivation circuits in the brain. This allowed for the player to have control over cancer according to Dr. Steve Cole, vice president at HopeLab and professor of medicine at UCLA.

The premise of the Flash games are to show patient what they are going through, but in game form. The patients then destroy cancer with weapons such as chemotherapy, cancer drugs, and the immune system’s cells. Re-Mission’s effectiveness was shown in a 2008 study where patients in the 13-29 age range that played the game improved their understanding of treatments and encouraged sticking with the regimen.

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A HopeLabs spokesman, Richard Tate told CNN “Cancer can be incredibly disruptive and rips you away from your identity of being a normal kid. The games give them the experience of what it means to be inside the body fighting cancer, using these prescriptions as weapons in their arsenal and the fight to regain a sense of control with your life.”

There were many game developers that assisted with Re-Mission 2 and cancer patients lend a hand in the games’ development as well in establishing the mood, challenges, and design for the games. “You don’t see the impact that’s brought to the body fight the cancer.” said Justin Lambert, a nursing major at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon a cancer patient in remission. He assisted with Re-Mission 2 in the developmental stage with the concept art and play testing. “The game puts it into perspective—something they can visualize and definitely get hope from that.”

It’s definitely a tremendous way to help victims understand what’s going on inside of them. While they’re feeling and going through it, anything positive that can make the experience more tolerable and give them the power to combat and handle cancer is a huge plus. With all of the positive reactions and the good that the games do, it’ wouldn’t be beyond possibility that there would be a third in the Re-Mission series.

Again, both Re-Mission 2 and Re-Mission are on  iPad and available online at the games’ official site, and through HopeLab’s site. Richard Tate, the spokesman for HopeLab said that they are looking to get the games on as many platforms as possible.

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