Sold for $25000 in Sedo .ME Auction

The .ME Registry held a premium keyword domain auction at Sedo last week . Many premium domain names listed in this sale and they received so many bids . sold for $25000 in this auction . The domain name was registered in 2008 . was another premium domain name in this inventory and it receieved offers to $17450 . was the cheapest domain in this auction . It didn’t receive offers more than $499 .

The .me extension was assigned to Montenegro as a country code after it became an independent nation in June 2006. However, the Montenegro government decided .ME would be operated as a generic name after considering the potential worldwide appeal for the extension.

92 domain names sold from this inventory and Sedo made around $110000 only from the first 10 top domains .

The overall price of .Me names is not compareable with their counterparts in .Com extension . sold for only $7100 in this auction but sold to for $2,900,000 in September of 1999 .

The most expensive .Me domain name in history was that went for $68000 .

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