How Is Stacy Keibler Spending Valentine’s Day ?

Stacy Keibler, who is the handsome and hunky George Clooney’s girlfriend, thinks it is better to stay at home for Valentine’s Day than go out and spend it. Stacy and George have always said that they prefer staying at home rather than going out.

The couple recently rang in the New Year, but they did not stay at home. Instead they spent their New Year in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. However, Stacy did say that the couple’s celebration wasn’t over the top. They brought in 2012 with close friends and family and had a small party for them.

Stacy Keibler, who is 32 years old and former WWE wrestler, is known for her drop-dead looks and long legs. While George Clooney and Stacy have been friends for many years, the couple became romantically involved only in August 2011 after Clooney ended his 2-year relationship with Elisabetta Canalis, an Italian model and actress. However, the relationship between Stacy Keibler and George Clooney did not start out as a serious one. But now the couple is going strong and the relationship looks quite serious. Looking at the newness of their relationship, it is still possible that the couple is discovering their individual likes and dislikes, and that is why they are not spending Valentine’s Day somewhere else.

Stacy thinks that celebrating Valentine’s Day in a quiet manner, away from all the chaos, is more romantic than actually going out. According to what she informed the Life and Style magazine, she would like to take a night off and stay at home and cook with Clooney. She further added that she thinks that the life is hectic enough and it would be a nice feeling to stay home for a change.

A few months ago, Stacy Keibler had joked during the Palm Springs Film Festival how George Clooney loves to keep her locked in and Clooney actually agreed with this. He also added that he liked having a tight rein on Stacy.

It is really refreshing to see the romance between 50-year old Clooney and 32-year Keibler. Maybe this will be the romance that finally gets Clooney to settle.

Hopefully when 2012 Valentine’s Day actually comes, we will know what the couple has finally decided. They may decide to spend a romantic evening at home, cooking up a meal or they may finally decide to step out for a party or have a candlelit dinner at a restaurant. Who knows?

George added that he has a tight rein on his lady love.
“I don’t let her go out. Don’t let her do anything,” the 50-year-old joked.
George and Stacy began dating last summer after George ended his two-year relationship with Italian television personality, Elisabetta Canalis.

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