How To Create Rocking App Ideas For Boring Topics

How To Create Rocking App Ideas For Boring Topics

Are you’re sick of playing catch up with your competitors? Do you want to step ahead by developing a mobile app for your business? And something better than an app which primary purpose is to displays your logo and contact details… I sincerely hope you do.

Brilliant! Give yourself a vigorous pat on the back.

But wait… there’s only one hook. You’re an accountant. Or worse, you’re a tax lawyer. Or something else that doesn’t get peoples blood pumping. And now you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Chin up, my friend. This is your opportunity to show people that your niche isn’t as boring as they think.

Making fun and engaging apps is easy. The problem is that most people don’t know the framework.

Listed below are 5 ways to create rocking apps for any business. So get your pen and paper ready, and let your innovative mind run rampant!

Simplify It

Your business app doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

Most people try to add value by cramming lots of features and functionality into the app. But that approach will normally have the opposite affect.

“Less is More.”

Make your customers lives easier by dumbing down and simplifying your app concept. Strip it right back and focus on one key element

Build your app around this key element and make it really easy to use.

Making It Sound More Exciting Than What It Really Is

Not everyone appreciates your business as much as you do. And that’s the first thing that has to change.

Show them how awesome your business really is by repackaging a section of it and turning it into an app. Then slap some nice colours on it and give it a funky name.

Gamification Drives User Engagement

It’s no secret that games are the most used apps after social media apps. They have by far the highest user engagement and user retention than any other platform.

“So turn your boring business app into a game!”

It doesn’t have to use ‘advanced 3D animations’ and ‘texture baking technology’. Or little men running around shooting each other with guns.

Instead go for something simple like FourSquare that uses a check-in system and lets people win badges to drive engagement. Users end up competing to become the most frequent visitor to their favourite shops, cafes, etc.

I’m not saying “copy Foursquare” but feel free to get creative. You know better than anyone what your customers want.

What’s going to get them coming back to you again and again?

Social Interaction

As I said, game apps are the second highest driver of user engagement…And social media is #1.

Why? Because people love social interaction.

So why not use some sort of social media aspect in your app? For example, would it be a good idea to create an online forum for your users to engage with eachother via the app? To build a network of raving fans.

That would not only drive engagement but also helps your clients out with their questions. And it would be freeing up more of your time too

“Kill two stones with one bird.” – Chuck Norris

The Science of Virality

I wasn’t going to add this in here but this is a tool you can really use.

Did you know that viral marketing is a science? That there is a reason why some things go viral and other things don’t?

It’s like this: People share things that make them look better (funnier, smarter, cooler, etc.)

So use this concept for your business app. Turn your app into something that people can share to look better in the eyes of others.

Developing business apps doesn’t have to be hard. Start fleshing out some ideas of your own and follow our basic framework laid out above.

Logan has been involved in countless app development projects and has been featured in iPhoneLife, App User and Digital Marketing.

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  1. Jen Quealy says:

    Nice work Logan. I’ll use such tips in the ‘science brigade’ app and program I am just getting underway withy he creative thinking on, …and once I get some ideas together I will run it by you as a potential new project. Jen

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