HP Showcases Two New Mini PCs At CES

HP Showcases Two New Mini PCs At CES

Hewlett Packard unveiled a duo of affordable mini PCs at CES 2015Running on Windows, the two mini PCs could serve as a counter balance to the affordable devices running on ChromeOS that have taken to the market.

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While the less expensive Stream mini drops hard drive space and processing power, its beefier counterpart the Pavilion mini gives users something more in line with conventional PCs. On top of that, both mini PCs—named the Stream mini and Pavilion mini—run on very little power, 45 watts. Both have the same shell-like design and plenty of USB ports. This proves very useful in the case of the Stream mini as users will need more storage space.

The Stream mini is $180, sports an Intel Celeron chip, 2GB of RAM, and has 32GB in space. Since 32GB isn’t nearly enough space—unless you’re only doing word processing and playing PC games from the early 1990s—HP is bundling a two year subscription to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service with the Stream mini. This gives users a solid 200GB to use. The Pavilion mini is a little more up there in price at $320, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB in space. It also sports a processor that is more powerful than the one packed with the Stream mini.

The Stream mini and Pavilion mini will hit store shelves January 14.


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