HTC One and HTC Desire Hobbled By Samsung? Also New HTC One Colors

HTC One and HTC Desire Hobbled By Samsung? Also New HTC One Colors

The HTC One is a titan of a phone and has been a huge moneymaker for HTC. The popular phone has garnered some 5 million sales in its lifetime up to now, yet that doesn’t satisfy HTC. According to them the smartphone could sold more units if not for pesky supply shortages during its release earlier in the year. By “supply shortages” they’re not talking about a factory not making enough phones to ship to stores, but companies such as Samsung kneecapping companies like HTC to sell more of their phones.

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It does sound like the old “I could’ve been the drummer for KISS if it weren’t for…” line, but HTC’s Jack Tong gave examples of this with the HTC Desire. He stated that two years ago when the HTC Desire was doing good numbers they had to stop production, thus hobbling the sales. The reason was that Samsung stopped supplying HTC with AMOLED screens so HTC had to redesign phone and run with LCD instead. This resulted in the aforementioned supply shortage. Jack Tong stated, “We found that key component supply can be used as a competitive weapon.”

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In other non-shady sounding business tactics news, HTC will be release a blue and red version of the popular HTC One smartphone. Exact release dates have yet to be announced.

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