HTC One Offering A Bounty On Your Current Smartphone

HTC One Offering A Bounty On Your Current Smartphone

There’s a deal out that if you snag the HTC One smartphone, you could get anywhere between $100 and $375 if you trade in the phone you have now. The weekend deal guarantees that participants will get at least $100. Before you leave your screen to snag an HTC One, you should know that the weekend smartphone bounty lists certain devices for trade-in. These include the Apple iPhone 5 which gives you the highest amount at $300 to $375 and the iPhone 4S at $200 to $255. Also, you’ll walk off with $130 to $210 for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Other phones on the list include Motorola’s Droid Razr, LG’s Optimus 4X HD, and BlackBerry brand phones the Z10, Curve, and Bold. The price range and maximum depends on the condition of the phone. For those who trade-in their phone and collect, they will get pay via a Visa prepaid card. Apparently, the money can be put towards the HTC One as well. To sweeten the pot, HTC will have transfer tools so that you can carry information between phones.

The deal is good at all retail stores or from HTC One carriers in the U.S such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Cincinnati Bell. To participate, you’ll need to go to the Trade Up page and input “HTC100”. From there, you can find out how much HTC would give you for your smartphone—even though there online flyer shows the payout range for phone. Be sure to print out the shipping label as proof of participation.

The deal ends May 5. Are you considering trading in your smartphone for a HTC One?

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