HTC One To Bring The Nexus Experience

HTC One To Bring The Nexus Experience

Unlocked phones are pretty popular. They allow for a great deal of freedom for the user who knows what he and she are doing and can allow for them to make the phone truly unique to them. Sure apps and such can be added and removed on the retail version of smartphones, but unlocked smartphones just have that little extra that make them extraordinary.

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The super special Nexus Experience HTC One is one such phone. This Android powered juggernaut will debut on the U.S Google Play store for $600. This is $50 less than the other top Android smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will also be sold in its “purest” form. Like the Galaxy S4, the Nexus Experience edition of the HTC One will be SIM unlocked to make use of GSM networks. It will also come with an unlockable bootloader.

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Other than unlocking the phone and allowing for owners to mess around with and explore it, much of the features and such are still there so you’re not just getting a skeleton phone where you have to piece it together yourself. It does allow for a ton of customization for the user without the safety of the retail phone.

Do you look forward to indulging in the Nexus Experience with HTC One?

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