Hulu Currently Working On Offline Playback Feature

Hulu Currently Working On Offline Playback Feature

After Netflix introduced offline playback, it seemed like something other services would consider since it’s an option that would be nice to offer to viewers.

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Considering that, it comes as no surprise that Hulu have been considering the feature for awhile now and are now looking to move on it. In an AdWeek interview, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said that offline playback could hit the service “in a few months.”

While “a few months” depends on your measurement of time, progress on the feature is being hindered by a need to get the rights to programs and films and work on the technology which isn’t unusual.

It shouldn’t take too long for Hulu to catch up to Netflix and Amazon Video since when a feature, pricing tier, or premium service—like in the case of Pandora Plus—is announced or an interview is given on it, it’s never too far behind.

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