Hulu Gets Exclusive VOD Rights To Turner Broadcasting Shows

Hulu Gets Exclusive VOD Rights To Turner Broadcasting Shows

Earlier today it was announced that Hulu picked up the video-on-demand rights to seasons of shows from the Turner Broadcasting network. Included in the multi-year dear are older from Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT. The deal would also see Hulu pick up future TBS and TNT series.

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Last year Hulu picked up the exclusivity rights to show South Park on demand. With the Adult Swim roster of shows joining the Comedy Central classic, it should be a good lineup for older subscribers to enjoy. Meanwhile for the kids—and adults—Cartoon Network classics like Johnny Bravo and Adventure Time will be on Hulu in the Kids category commercial free.

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On the note of the Cartoon Network-block of shows, it’s unknown if the exclusivity deal will see older cartoons that are on Netflix now—such as Cow and Chicken and Courage the Cowardly Dog—disappear. What is known is that the titles roll in May 1st.

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