Hulu Picks Up South Park For Three Years, Hits Plus In The Fall

Hulu Picks Up South Park For Three Years, Hits Plus In The Fall

Hulu recently picked up the exclusive rights to stream flagship Comedy Central show South Park. The deal will include all 17 seasons and allows users to view episodes free of cost at the moment.

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At 17 seasons, South Park is one of two long running shows on the Viacom owned Comedy Central with the other being The Daily Show. The show follows the misadventures of four fourth graders at South Park Elementary as well as those of their friends and family. Trademarks of the series include adult humor and language, graphic violence, absurd situations, and insight on politics and pop culture. The popularity of the series has allowed for creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to spread into other ventures such as gaming and the big screen.

So what are the reasons for Hulu picking up South Park? For one thing, Hulu tends to specialize in ongoing network series. Sure there’s anime and some ended series on Hulu, but popular series with multiple seasons is its area of focus—unlike all-rounders such as Netflix and Amazon. Another thing is that unlike Netflix and Amazon, Hulu just hasn’t been hot when it comes to original series. This is Hulu essentially sticking to what it knows and not trying to get too flashy by going all in on original content.

The $80 million deal will be in effect for three years and also includes fresh episodes after they air on Comedy Central. When the next season kicks off September 24 and will see non-subscribers left with 30 free episodes while the entire series of 17 seasons and 240+ episodes land behind Hulu Plus.

If you’re a big South Park fan, don’t have Hulu Plus, or can’t/don’t watch TV for a number of reasons, then now is a good time to watch as much as possible before you have to pay to watch it.

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