Hulu Releases App For Samsung Gear VR

Hulu Releases App For Samsung Gear VR

This year will be a big year for virtual reality in relation to streaming as Netflix competitor Hulu releases its VR app, adding another big name to what is sure to be a good amount of services doing the same.

Late last year Hulu announced that it was working on an app that works with Samsung’s Gear VR. There were some hiccups that caused the app to miss the company’s intended release window, but users can download it through Gear VR Oculus’ store.

Right now there’s a decent amount of content available—most of it being non-exclusive to Hulu. There is an original short and Hulu expects to produce more content geared towards VR.

While the VR content is free at the moment if viewers don’t have a subscription, the company is expected to bring it into the fold to pull in money. Given that Hulu original shows can be very hit or miss as far as quality is concerned, the VR content will have to be several notches above what they normally offer.

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