If You’re A Fan of Samsung and K-Dramas You’ll Enjoy Samsung’s Best Future

If You're A Fan of Samsung and K-Dramas You'll Enjoy Samsung's Best Future

With Korean dramas breaking out of South Korea via online sharing and translation, it would be only normal for companies in tune with online trends to jump on board of a cultural phenomenon. Enter Samsung.

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The South Korea-based mobile manufacturing titan will be having a second go with mixing recruiting and entertainment. Much like their first attempt Endless Energy; Best Future will be a musical sitcom about young people managing their lives while working for the company. Filming will take place in the Seoul and Suwon Digital City offices to keep things “authentic”—at least as far as location is concerned. Best Future will feature a cast of K-Pop stars who will sing popular songs from the 80s and 90s mixed in with the stories.

Keeping with the miniseries format common with series from South Korea, Best Future will run for six episodes, but will be 60 minutes in length. Part of the focus of sitcom is to present a light hearted look at working for Samsung—of course leaving out the nasty bits about extremely long hours and difficulty managing a personal life beyond the company—and potentially recruit young adult viewers into working for them. The goal and approach is similar to that of Endless Energy which was about Samsung’s hiring policy and philosophy, but still focused on recruiting.

The “musicom” (as Samsung is calling it) will hit YouTube next month.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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