Inflation Rate in Ordibehesht Was Not More Than Farvardin’s

Mahmoud Bahmani, the head of Central Bank of Iran, said the inflation rate in Ordibehesht (begins in April and ends in May) wasn’t more than Farvardin’s (begins on 21 March and ends on 20 April).

“The inflation rate in the last month will be calculated soon and we may publish the related reports in the coming week. But it seems the inflation rate in Ordibehesht may not be more than Farvardin. There should be only 0.5% difference.” Mahmoud Bahmani said.

“The rate of inflation increase has been decreased in the recent months. In Farvardin it was 21.8% but it won’t increase that much in Ordibehesht.” Bahmani added.

The total inflation rate in 1390 in compare to 1389 was 21.5%. However some local economic experts believe most of reports by CBI around inflation rate are wrong and misleading. And this organization doesn’t follow the standard rules and regulation on their reports. The inflation rate has been calculated around 30% by these experts.

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