The IOC’s Press Rules For The 2016 Olympics Includes “No Gifs or Vines”

The IOC's Press Rules For The 2016 Olympics Includes "No Gifs or Vines"

The opening ceremony of the Olympics kick off Friday and the Committee says that there is to be no gifs or other animated pictures of the 2016 Olympics from Rio de Janeiro—from the press.

The broadcast rules the IOC have implemented are very wordy and run for six pages, but it all comes down to broadcast rights during the days of competition as well as images and video content. There are a number of international networks that wanted this athletic super event, but like The Highlander, there can only be one in those viewing markets.

For instance in the U.S it’s generally been NBC that holds the rights. As a matter of fact, two years ago the network dropped almost $8 billion to broadcast the Games in 2032. This includes the airing of Olympics content and highlight on both the home network and other networks.

So this stops news outlets from making and probably displaying gifs from the Games in articles, it doesn’t mean you’ll simply see no Olympic gifs floating around on Twitter and Tumblr since users tend to be very quick about getting gifs out.

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