There’s A $1.5 Million Security Bounty Out On iOS 10

There's A $1.5 Million Security Bounty Out On iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 came out earlier this month and whenever a new iOS version hits, it’s often said to be particularly difficult to crack or even unbreakable. If you’re a hacker of some skill you might be able to land $1.5 million for cracking it.

The bounty is awarded by Zerodium, a security group known for offering a $1 million bounty for cracking the iOS 9. In speaking with Wired, Zerodium said that it upped the price on it because of “the increased security.”

While these jailbreak bounties are often interesting to hear of, there are some security groups with concerns about the exploit being misused particularly by the government to spy on and silence citizens. The opposing view is that governments could use the exploits for national security as well as the law enforcement purposes.

Apple has its own bug hunting program on the horizon; it doesn’t compete with Zerodium’s hefty bounty. Of course with a higher bounty come stricter requests, the main one being an exploit that grants total control of the affected device remotely.

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