iOS 12 To Feature Spam Reporting

iOS 12 To Feature Spam Reporting

Android users have benefited from being able to mark texts and such as spam for some time. Now iOS users will be able to do the same thanks to the upcoming iOS 12.

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According to the Apple developer site, the feature will be a kind of app extension that users can turn on or off. It is called the Unwanted Communication extension and can be managed via the Settings app.

After swiping left on the Recents list or in Message, they can tap “Report.” That’s it, the user isn’t required to do anything extra. In addition to this, the Blocked Contacts list is home to blocked numbers. This means they don’t simply vanish into nothingness after you’ve blocked them–just in case it was an accident or you didn’t initially recognize a number.

Of course, this feature takes a back seat to other iOS 12 features like Memoji, group FaceTime, and my personal favorite Screen Time. When compared to these upcoming features, spam reporting just seems like something previous iOS versions should’ve already had baked in.

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