iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile sooner than expected

iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile sooner than expected

T-Mobile iPhone fans could get their hands on Apple’s iPhone 5 earlier than estimated. According to John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO, the iPhone 5 could arrive to the network 4-5 months ahead of schedule for a March-April debut, which is a huge surprise because when unveiling dates are changed most of the time the due date is longer.

T-Mobile also announced that they are getting rid of subsidized plans, which means subscribers will have to pay full price for an iPhone 5. On the other hand, T-Mobile subscribers will not be tied down with a two year contract. In the past T-Mobile has refused to give in to Apple’s subsidy demands, we believe it’s why they are just now getting the latest iPhone. The network is convinced that this choice will eventually attract more costumers thanks to the cheap monthly rates for plans.

T-Mobile is the only mobile network that does not carry the iPhone 5 and since Apple unveiled the device it has been one of the most popular phones in the US and in the world, instead they have relied on Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 for some time now, which is also very popular.

So there you have it folks, T-Mobile will carry the iPhone 5 in a couple of months but if you plan to get it be prepared to pay full price.

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    Please inform us if the iphone 5 is ready for the T.mobile customer were waiting for it..

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