Iran Calls For Returning Persian Gulf Historical Name to Google

Iranian UN ambassador Mohammad Khazaei called for Google CEO to return the historical name of Persian Gulf to the search engine.

Khazei in a letter to Google CEO Larry Page expressed dissatisfaction of Iranian nation and government with Google’s recent measure in removing the historical name of Persian Gulf and called for him to reconsider the measure.

“Google’s recent policy bears no result except weakening the credibility and professional approach of the company. The measure leads to dissatisfaction of a great nation and those who are worried about politically-motivated misuse of historical and geographical realities,” Khazaei said in his letter.

“Persian Gulf is the only historical name for the waterway between Iran and Saudi Arabian peninsula and was used from the beginning of the history. The official archives of all authentic topography and mapping institutions show that the waterway has been called Sinus Persicus or Persian Gulf since Greek historians have started historiography and the name was used by reliable historians and geographers until the 21st century.”

He also added the UN approach on stressing the name of Persian Gulf as the only name which should be attributed to the waterway must be respected.

“Google’s recent measure helps creating a dangerous approach to distort historical names for politically-motivated approach and continuing the wrong approach would make the company responsible for the legal consequences of the issue,” he added.

Google search has recently dropped the name of the Persian Gulf from the body of water separating Iran from the Arabian Peninsula, and left it nameless on its online map service.

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