Iran Cyber Police Arrested a Student Who Made Defamatory Page Against Ahmadinejad

Iran Cyber Police announced that a student who made a defamatory page in Facebook against President Ahmadinejad has been arrested.

“Our investigators found a web page in Facebook during exploring the web which was defamatory and insulting President Ahmadinejad. Our experts could detect the identity of the page creator after a few hours.” Major Siroos Dalvand said.

“The student was studying in one of the universities in Kish Island and he refused the work at first.” He continued. “But after seeing the documents and proofs, he confessed to his crime.”

Siroos Dalvand warned people and webmasters about the online web pages and websites which contains defamatory contents around the governments.

Some of Iranians blamed this job by Iran Cyber Police in social network websites and believe these actions restrict democracy in the country.

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