Iran Cyber Police Investigates Escort Services Website

A few days ago escort services website went viral on Twitter and Facebook by Iranian clients.

Base on Islam regulations, having sexual activities with someone who is not your official partner is impure and you must get marriage with him or her. In order to bypass this restriction, Islamists had released a solution which is called “temporary marriage”. By using this method the activities will be turned into Halal from Haram.

The website which established in Iran offers temporary marriage services to Iranians. The price of courtesans in this website is a lot more than market’s price. For example a 50 years old woman charges $70 for each hour. The URL of this blog is but it is now blocked in Iran. Also the account of the holder has been deleted from Blogfa, a blog service provider which is believed to links government.

The webmaster of this site says the activities are confirmed and certified by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, however Iranian governments blocked the website. According to some sources, this guy charges women $35 for each client he sends for them.

Currently Iran Cyber Police is investigating about the activities of this site and its manager.

Inauguration of this site has raised a lot of criticizes.

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