Iran Halts Fruit Imports

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The head of Iran Business Department announced the stoppage of fruit imports to Iran.

Sasan Khodaei announced this news by saying: “In Nowruz government allowed the importers to import fruits from other countries in order to balance the domestic market. As we have notified before, all the fruit’s imports will be stopped after ending Ordibehesht and Iran Business Department will not accept any more orders.”

Khodaei said Iran Business Department will not handle any other request over imports of fruits after this.

Iran used to import coconut, Indian almond, fig, pineapple, Indian pear, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon and sour lemon, fresh grape, currant and apple from UAE, Turkey, Philippine, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Malaysia, Canada, France, Chile, Seri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Bahrain, Italy, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Spain, Uzbekistan and South Africa.

Iran is one of the biggest importers and exporters of fruits in the region. In some period of times the domestic consumption increases dramatically and it causes the shortage of supplying. At this point government allows traders to import fruits from other countries in order to prevent from price rocketing.

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