Iran Imports $92 Million Worth of Cell Phones

Iran Imports Cell Phones

Base on the new statistics released by Iran’s Custom, local companies have imported 417 tons of cell phones worth more than $92 million into the country. The weight and value of imports have been increased by 185.9 and 346.6 per cent respectively compared to the same period in last year.

According to the reports, Emirates was the main exporter of cell phones to Iran by holding 60% of market share. South Korea and China had 7.5% and 18% shares respectively.

However the technology’s markets in Iran observed inappropriate conditions in country due to currency crisis hit Iran. The Iranian Rial has lost two thirds of its value against foreign currencies especially U.S. Dollar. This element had direct effect on products’ prices and made the markets instable.

Ahmad Mohebbi, one of the officials of Iran’s Telecommunication Markets, believes the recent changes in currency prices have made many troubles for illegal traffickers to smuggle contraband cell phones to the country. He also said the current rate of cell phone production in Iran is too low and it cannot respond to the requirements of the markets. Iranian government invested in this field but it seems their efforts have yet to pay off.

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