Iran Manufactures the First Homemade Tablet Computer

Iran Manufactures the First Homemade Tablet Computer

Reza Moridavi, the CEO of the company which manufactures homemade tablets, announced the production of the local tablets. “Dimo” is the name of these tablets and it will be the first tablet made by Iranians. Previously Iranians developed smart phones utilizing Android operating system.

“Dimo will be the first tablets made in Iran using local sources. We will release the first series of these tablets until the end of this month.” Reza Moridavi said. “Dimo is powered by the latest technologies in the world and currently we produce them in two sizes for our clients.”

The price of this local tablet is from 250,000 Tomans ($150) to 600,000 Tomans ($360). Moridavi didn’t give more details on this subject.

Currently Iran’s first domestically made mobile phones called GLX cannot compete with foreign smart phones. Tablet computers are now on high demand in Iran.

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    zendeh bad!

  2. Arash says:

    Curious and eager to see how this new tablet PC is!!!

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    Good job

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