Iran Sells Saipa Tiba Car in Ukraine For $9000

Iran Sells Saipa Tiba

Saipa, the second largest Iranian auto manufacturer, sells its Tiba model in Ukraine for only $9000.

During the 20th Kiev International SIA Motor Show, Saipa featured Tiba and Saipa 132 cars. The company had opened several sale offices in Kiev and Kharkiv. According to the public relation of Saipa more offices will be inaugurated in other cities of Ukraine.

In November 2008 Saipa launched the Iran-made “Saipa National Engine 231”. The original name of this car was Miniator, but Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged Saipa company to choose a Persian name for their brand new car.

Tiba has a 4-cylinder gas engine and ABS, averages 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers and puts out 80 horsepower, with a displacement of 1500cc.There is still critics about safety of this car. In its production the services of some 122 local manufacturers have been utilized and about 810 parts have been produced.

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