Iran Supreme Leader Orders Establishment of High Level Council For Cyberspace

Iranian authorities will concentrate more on Cyber space because of the recent decree issued by Iran Supreme Leader , Ali Khamenei . In this decree which issued on Wednesday he ordered establishment of the high level council for cyberspace . According to this decree he appointed a number of natural and legal persons to the council .

The president (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) , the Majlis speaker (Ali Larijani) , the Judiciary chief (Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani) , the director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (Ali Zarghami) , the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, the minister of information and communications technology, the minister of culture and Islamic guidance, the minister of science, research, and technology, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, and the National Police chief are the legal persons on the council .

According to the decree, the high council of cyberspace is tasked with setting up the national center of cyberspace in order to ensure and oversee the implementation of the decisions taken by the council .

Currently Iran is following a project to open a “National Internet” and base on reports only websites hosting inside Iran will be accessible via Internet .

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