Iran to Ban Imports From 100 European Firms

Iran reportedly plans to ban imports from European companies as part of its countersanctions against the European Union (EU).

Al-Alam News Network, announced on Wednesday that Iran has decided to cut it’s trades with more than 100 European firms. According to Al-Alam, Iran had trade relations with 160 countries during Iranian calendar year 1389, which ended on March 19.

Also Deputy President of Iran Trade Promotion Organization Sasan Khodaei confirmed that Iran has banned imports from 100 European countries, in an interview with Iranian Press TV. Khodaei said this sanction by Iran will also apply on the “luxury items” which Iran has been able to produce them itself.

Tehran’s decision to counter hostile European measures against the country was made after the EU foreign ministers agreed on January 23 to ban oil imports from Iran and freeze the assets of its Central Bank. The EU has also banned selling grains, diamonds, gold, and other precious metals to Tehran.

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