Iran to Choose Persian Name for Disputed Islands

Persian Name for Disputed Islands

According to the decision made by Abu Musa’s Municipality suggesting by Abu Musa’s Grand Mosque, Iran is going to choose the Persian names for the disputed islands between Iran and Emirates includes Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb.

Mehdi Chamran, the Chairman of the City Council of Tehran, said: “Abu Musa is one of the most valuable parts of Iran from long time ago and it will be one of the most important places of Iran’s soil in future too.”

“We believe the true population of this city is 75 million persons (referring to the total population of Iran). Abu Musa is a collection from the bests in Iran. Currently Abu Musa has a geopolitical status and this need more cares from Iranian government and authorities.” The Chairman of the City Council of Abu Musa told reporters.

Abu Musa is a island part of Hormozgan province in Iran. Located in the eastern Persian Gulf, it is part of a six-island archipelago near the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz. Iran’s sovereignty of the islands is disputed by the United Arab Emirates.

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