Iran to Introduce Local Operating System Named Xamin

Iran to Introduce Local Operating System Named Xamin

Iran is going to introduce the first local and homemade OS named Xamin. This operating system is being developed by Information Technology Organization of Iran, Research Institute for ICT and private sector.

Xamin is free and open source server side operating system, this OS is branched from Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Amir Hossein Boroujerdian a member of Research Institute for ICT says this project will remain open source and its not belong to any organization or company. According to reports, Iranian government has funded this project.

“Xamin is different from National Operating System. Iranian governments defined a project earlier named National Operating System and it accomplished to its goals. We are now developing a local operating system.” Boroujerdian said.

The first version of this server side OS released in 1391 in RC mode. The final version will be released until the next year and the client side version will be available in the next two years.

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