Iran to Lanuch National Internet by The End of May

The Iranian communications and information technology minister, Reza Taghipour, said on Tuesday that the government will inaugurate the first phase of its national information network or the national internet by the end of May.

“Starting the national internet is the most important priority for us in the new Persian year and we will launch its first phase by the end of Khordad (May).” He said. “Currently we are working hard to start the new local datacenters, expanding the web base softwares such as search engines and email services in cooperation with private sectors. We hope to launch the second phase by the end of the current Persian year.”

Iranian governments believe the current worldwide Internet is “Unclean” so they are going to innovate the “Clean” local network.

Since 2005, Iran has been developing a national Internet to improve control over its content and users behavior. The project, which is separate from the World Wide Web, will be completed by 2013.

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