Iran to Manufacture $30 Cell Phones

Iran to Manufacture $30 Cell Phones

According to the new announcement by Reza Moridavi, Ertebat Iraniane Arvand Company is going to produce $30 cell phones.

“We are going to manufacture new cell phones in 5 models including D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5 from Dimo series. The price of these mobile phones will be 55,000 Tomans ($30) including guarantee. These models only support basic features and they don’t come with advanced features like supporting apps.” Reza Moridavi, CEO of Ertebat Iraniane Arvand (Arvand Communications), said on Sunday.

Moridavi believes these mobiles with their low prices can attract many customers by saying: “Base on the current situation in Iran’s mobile phone market and economic conditions, I think these phones can attract a good market share in Iran.”

Previously Arvand Communications introduced the first domestically made tablets called Dimo. The 7-inch model of Dimo tablet was priced $235 and the 9-inch was 580,000 Tomans $350.

Many local companies tried to claim a share in Iran’s mobile phone market but they failed to compete with international companies such as Samsung and Nokia.

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