Iran to Shut Down Internet For 10 Minutes in Respect to Imam Hadi

In a response to the recent insults against Imam Hadi, the deputy of Heiat Razmandegan Eslam announced the Internet network will be shut down for 10 minutes tonight in respect to Imam Hadi.

According to this statement, during these 10 minutes users will be redirected to website which has been designed for this event. During this time, Ziarat Jame’e Kabireh will be played for users.

In there is not any statement regarding the compulsory shut down from ISPs. Its been defined as a optional work to webmasters.

No official from Ministry of Information and Communications Technology which operates Internet in Iran have not yet made any comments on this event.

If this happens tonight, it will be the first Internet closing in Iran in response to insulting.

Shahin Najafi, the Iranian rapper who lives in Germany, released a new song named Naghi which was insulting Imam Hadi. The song raised many debates in Iran. A prize of $100,000 announced for the killing and the head of Shahin Najafi.

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