Iran Reacts to December 21 2012

Iranian Community Reacts to December 21 2012

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end on December 21 2012. This prediction has sparked many discussions between people as we are closing to the promised day. People around the world have different views about this day and the same happens to Iranians.

Usually hoaxes are widely seen or believed in Iran like the phenomenon of appearing the Pepsi logo on moon’s surface. You can hear Iranians in streets talking about December 21 and discussing their own views on this subject. So the authorities of Islamic Republic of Broadcasting (IRIB) have held several programs in state television and radio to discuss the Mayans’ prophecy. Tonight an Ayatollah was invited to a live radio show in Iran to talk about the end of world. He tried to reject this forecast base on Islamic thought.

However in social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Iranians are making jokes about December 21 2012. “Nostradamus”, “December 21”, “December 21 2012” and “Solar eclipse” are between top ten searches trending in Iran during the past seven days according to Google.

It’s worth noting that in this year, Yalda night will occur on December 21 and Iranians celebrate this night as the longest night of the year. On Yalda Night, families gather at the house of parents or grandparents to spend the night eating delicious foods, nuts, fruits and reading Hafez poems.

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