Iranian Game Manufacturers Support Travian Censorship in Country

Iranian Game Manufacturers Support Travian Censorship in Country

Recently Iranian government has blocked Travian game in country without any formal explanation. Now a group of game manufacturers in Iran has expressed their support for this movement and praised the government’s action against “Israel backed” game.

Base on the released statement, Iranian game manufacturers believe the Western companies have gained a large market share in Iran by translating and localizing their produced games. “This online game has made great revenue from Iranian market while there is not any supervision on them from government. Their earned money is lot more than budget allocated by Iranian government to local manufacturers,”

“Foreign game manufacturers can utilize giant websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to advertise their games and attract Iranian players while local companies cannot take advantage from these channels due to embargoes on our economy. Because of the recent currency fluctuation, now it’s too cheap for foreign companies to market Iranian community.” the statement read.

Iranian game manufacturers have called the recent movement as “deterrent” action against foreign games, which are popular between Iranians. Also these companies asked Iranian government to block and boycott other online games in country to support the homemade games.

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    Travian: Iranian Government Blocks Game without Explanation

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