Iranian Government Blocks All the Google Ads

Iranian Government Blocks All the Google Ads

In a new movement from Iranian government all the Google ads are blocked in Iran.

However users can see the ads but when they click on them, they will be redirected to the filtering page running by government. This issue was reported by many users from all over the country.

Iranians cannot officially advertise in Google because of the current restrictions. Google doesn’t accept Iranian advertisers and none of them can legally hold international credit and debit cards in order to complete the registration process. There are many third parties operating and running ads for Iranians inside and outside of the country. Its noteworthy that Iran is not listed between the countries which can be targeted by Adwords program, but there are a few tricks to bypass this limitation. Persian (Farsi) ads are not supported by Google but Iranian advertisers run their ads in Persian language too.

A few days ago Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technology and The head of Information Technology Organization of Iran, talked about the opening of new Google like services. Base on his words, Google is making $36 million revenue from Iran’s search market annually.

Tensions between Iran and Google rose after dropping the name of the Persian Gulf on Google Maps. In that time Iran even threatened to sue Google over their illegal action. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast also criticized the U.S. based company.

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