Iranian Government Pays a lot to Maintain Unnecessary Datacenters

Iranian Government Pays a lot to Maintain Unnecessary Datacenters

During the recent years, Iranian government has tried to bring all the national information to local datacenters in the country rather than storing them on foreign based datacenters. To achieve this goal, many small and medium sized datacenters have been opened by Iranian government but Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, a top official of Ministry of Industries and Mines, believes the expenses of these datacenters are too high for government.

“Currently we are experiencing economic difficulties. We must follow the terms of ‘economy of resistance’ as defined by Leader (referring to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran). All the governmental organizations have opened their own datacenters and this requires a notable budget to maintain and support this network.” Mir Mohammad Sadeghi said.

“Also organizations don’t use full capabilities of their networks. More than 60% of established datacenters in governmental institutions are performing unprofessionally. Only 10% to 20% of them operate satisfactorily.” Mir Mohammad Sadeghi criticized the quality of local datacenters.

Iran is going to open its own Intranet in order to replace it with regular Internet as the current worldwide network offer “impure” content to users.

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