Iranian Government Urges Exporters to Spend their Foreign Currencies inside the Country

Iranian Government Urges Exporters to Spend their Foreign Currencies inside the Country

Iran’s oil productions have been reduced dramatically as a result of economic embargoes set by Western countries against its economy. This has also result in shortage of foreign currencies and accordingly Iranian Rial has lost its value against other currencies including but not limited to U.S. Dollar, Euro, GBP and etc.

At these hard conditions the Iranian government urged the local exporters to spend their foreign currencies inside the country to address this fatal problem. Even the government has decided to set some benefits and tax exemptions for those companies and individuals help the Islamic Republic.

“If you spend your earned foreign currencies inside the country, we will come over the sanctions set by United States and other European countries against Iran. This action will help us to make the economy of the country stronger than before.” Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said during a meeting with notable exporters.

“In recent years the government has tried to boost the country’s economic foundations and it has put many efforts on this way but the enemies disrupt our intentions by imposing sanctions.” Mohammad-Reza Rahimi added.

The Iranian government usually refutes the negative effects of U.S. led sanctions against the country but Mohammad-Reza Rahimi believes these restrictions have made major issues for the country.

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