Iranian Journalist , Ehsan Hooshmand , Expriences The Worst Conditions in Prison

According to the reports released by local media , Ehsan Hooshmand , the Iranian famous journalist is expriencing the worst cinditions in Iran prison . Ehsan Hooshmand has several published books and articles in Iran . He was arrested by security officers in his home around 61 days ago .

Recently he had a short call to him home and he reported the bad situations he has in prison . He said he is always in private prison cell and can not distinguish the time of days or nights . Also he pointed out that he can only meet interrogators and do not see any other prisoner .

His familiy tried to reach out him during the recent one month but didn’t succeed . Also they have not ever met him after arresting .

Ehsan Hooshmand was one of the activist in Iran’s opposition group called green movement .

He is learning History in Tehran university one of the most reputed universities in Tehran . Beside this , He has worked in Mash’had Times from 2006 until 2009 . He joined the team in middle 2010 . Phone number: +989356891256 , Email address: Ahmad (at)

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