Iranian MP: Facebook is More Negative than Positive

Iranian MP Facebook is More Negative than Positive

MP Mohammad Mahdi Zahedi, the chairman of the Majlis Education and Research Committee, believes the negative effects of Facebook are more than its positive sides in Iranian community. The giant social network website is officially blocked in the country due to its ‘impure’ content but sophisticated users bypass governmental restrictions by using different types of VPNs and SOCKS technologies.

“Facebook provides an environment for people to communicate and share content. Millions of people have registered accounts in Facebook and this has granted a fantastic espionage tool to the United States and other enemies of Iran. It’s not good for our people and nation to hand over all the private and general information to other countries.” said Mohammad Mahdi Zahedi, a member of Majlis.

“As I mentioned before Facebook allows people to make new connections and friends and basically this is a great feature but unfortunately Iranian clients abuse this feature and they don’t make ‘positive’ connections. We have to make people aware of the risks involved with using social networks rather than simply blocking them.” the chairman of the Majlis Education Committee concluded.

One out of three online users in Iran has Facebook account and totally 6 million accounts have been created by Iranians. Facebook was the best tool for Iranian opposition groups to organize various protests against government after 2009 presidential election.

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