Iranian MP: We can Turn Sanctions into Opportunities

Iranian MP We can Turn Sanctions into Opportunities

Although the U.S. engineered sanctions have battled Iran’s economy, but Davoud Mohammadi, a member of Iran’s parliament, believes his nation can turn sanctions into opportunities. It’s good to know that Iranian Rial has lost major parts of its values against foreign currencies and inflation rate has been increased drastically but Iranian officials have not lost their self-confidence.

“This year’s slogan which is national production, supporting Iranian labour and investment is based on the insight of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei from Iran’s economy and explains the main policy of Islamic Republic. The desperate enemies of Iran have tried hard to make our country give up in several fields but they failed to achieve their goals.” Davoud Mohammadi, the representative of Abyek city in Majlis, said.

“Today the Western countries are pressuring Iran by applying sanctions over our economy. We believe they are great threats against Islamic Republic but we can turn them into valuable opportunities. If Iran reduces its dependency on oil revenue then we will be able to change conditions and use our resources in better ways.” Davoud Mohammadi added.

United States and European Union have imposed fatal sanctions on Iran to stop the country pursuing its controversial nuclear program. Accordingly the Western countries say Iran is developing nuclear weapons, but Tehran denies it.

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