Iranian Prdocuers Transformed Into Importers

Zabiholla Komeijani, the member of Iran’s shoes producers’ league, said the massive imports of bags and shoes have destroyed the local industry in this field.

Komeijani criticized the current policies by Iran on the subject of imports and exports by saying: “The massive imports of bags and shoes from China beside their cheap prices have completely destroyed the local industry. Unfortunately the high rate of imports from China resulted into the low quality of those stuffs. Also this has weakened Iranian producers. Currently they cannot compete with their Chinese counterparts in these conditions. Thats why most local producers transformed into importers.”

He also referred to the increase of Dollar rate against Iranian Rial. “Because of the increase of Dollar rate against Rial in last year, the volume of imports from China reduced dramatically.” Zabiholla Komeijani said.

“Now this is the time to improve the local producers which suffered from the massive imports from China in the recent years.” He urged Iranian government to support this industry.

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