Iranian Saffron Exports Increased by 100%

Iranian Saffron Exports Increased by 100

Based on the statistics of Islamic Republic of Iran customs administration, Iranian saffron exports have been increased by 100% in terms of weight and value during the first six months of the new Persian year (started on 21 March).

Iran has exported around $164.4 million of saffron and saffron powder which is 98% more than what it was on the last year. In terms of weight, the saffron freights grew by 96% and reached to 54.4 tons.

Emirates and Spain are the two largest buyers of Iranian saffron. These two countries have spent over $90 million for Iran’s saffron. China, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, France, Hong Kong and India are the other major markets for Iran’s saffron industry. Totally 30 countries have imported saffron and saffron powder from Iran.

Iran exported only about 133 tons of saffron worth over $409 million from the customs of Khorasan Razavi province during the last Persian year.

This country now accounts for approximately 90 percent of the world production of saffron. Despite severe international and financial sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, the country has kept its place as the number one producer and exporter of saffron.

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