Iranians Support Registering PersianGulf and Pars Domain Extensions

Iranian Support Registering PersianGulf and Pars Domain Extensions

Iran has sent a formal request to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in order to register .PersianGulf and .Pars as the new gTLD domain extensions.

Accordingly Iranians made a petition regarding this subject. As of now more than 44000 people have signed it to show their support for .PersianGulf and .Pars extensions.

However there are some problems may avoid registering these two extensions. PersianGulf is currently one of the most disputed terms in the Middle East region. Some believe it must be Arabian Gulf but base on historic articles it is Persian Gulf. Pars (referring to the race of most Iranians) can go conflicted with Paris (the capital of France). Base on the ICANN rules, extensions should have not any similarities.

On Wednesday 13 June, ICANN will announce which companies, organizations, startups, geographical regions and others, have applied for gTLDs and what those domains are. ICANN has received over 1,900 applications from around the world. ICANN’s CEO Rod Beckstrom will host the conference.

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