Iran’s Banana Imports Valued at $75 Million in Q1

Iran's Banana Imports Valued at 75 Million in Q1

Iranian banana importers bought more than $75 million of banana cargos in quarter first of new Persian year (started on 21 March).

Base on the latest statistics released by Iran Custom, the total banana imports to Iran declined by 2% reached $78.3 million. Iranian companies ordered more than 126,000 tons of bananas. These numbers show 14.23% decrease in compare to Q1 of the last Persian year.

More than 90% of these orders processed by Emirates, Turkey and Philippines. China, Ecuador, Mozambique and India are the other banana exporters to Iran but they have small portions in Iran’s market.

Ecuador used to have notable portion in Iran’s banana market. Recently Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa criticized the strict financial sanctions against Iran which harden trades with this Middle Eastern country. United States accuses Iran of using nuclear power for military intentions; however Iran denies these statements and insisting on its peaceful nuclear programs.

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